Check Out the Blade’s Slot Machines at Titan Casino

Titan Casino has been on the forefront of new, online slot machines that have entertained people around the world. This is because they offer new, exciting themes and the latest in technical innovations that help boost the enjoyment factor of playing slots online.

Today, Titan Casino has a new line of online slot machines that feature the highly popular Marvel Comics character Blade. The new Blade-themed slot machines are more exciting and pack more action than ever before. In fact, these new slot machines are quickly becoming the most popular on the Titan Casino site and offer plenty of action along with multiple ways to win.

What are the Blade Slot Machines?

The new Blade slot machines takes the traditional version and soups it up with new graphics, features and multiple ways to win. With plenty of special features and new twists, the Blade slot machines take the traditional game and makes it more exciting, fun and with better chances to win even more money.

In the comics and movies, Blade stands for action and excitement. Those elements are translated to this production with new graphics which will have you enjoying the world of Blade while heightening the experience of the traditional slot machine.

The History of Blade

The development of Blade as a Marvel Comic’s hero was long in the making. Blade was created by Marv Wolfman and author Gene Colan as a supporting character. His first appearance was in July, 1973 in “The Tomb of Dracula #10”. As his character became more popular, he slowly grew into his own franchise.

The actual character of Blade was born Eric Brooks in London in 1929. Over the years, Eric developed his fighting skills and became an Olympic-level athlete. His skills with knives, daggers and swords became legendary as he joined a street gang which was involved in fighting vampires.

Blade became world famous thanks to a series of movies starring Wesley Snipes which first began in 1998. His combination of sleek fighting styles and the internal conflict of fighting for good while being a half-vampire made for an explosive trilogy. By 2004, the final sequel had been released and Blade’s status as one of Marvel’s more popular characters was sealed.

Why Blade’s Slot Machines Work for You

The Blade theme permeates the new online slot machines conveys the excitement of the Marvel comic series and films while offering an exceptional experience at the slot machines. While watching Blade in action, you can play your way to big prizes, including five reels and 20 paylines which provides you plenty of opportunities to win.

Another reason why the Blade slot machines work for you is that the top prize offers 25,000 times the money your line bet, making it one of the more profitable bets at Titan Casino. The Blade Split feature lets you split the last symbol on a winning pay line which may double the money you win. Add in the four Marvel Mystery jackpots which are progressive in nature which means you could trigger total winnings that may reach up to 7 figures.