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Whether you are new to online gambling or an avid player, casino bonuses can be a massive incentive for staying and playing at a particular site. Unfortunately, casino bonuses can also be a little confusing, particularly for beginners. New players may find themselves asking questions like:

  • ‘What is a 100% match and why would you choose a site that only offers a 50% match? Surely, the bigger percentage means bigger money.’
  • ‘What is a no deposit bonus? I mean, the casino can’t just give it away….can it?’
  • ‘What’s my obligation here? I know there’s a catch.’

The short answers to the above are “not necessarily,” “yes,” and “wagering requirements” – in that order. The long answers to the above are not that simple. Below, we break down the different types of casino bonuses and explain how to select one that suits your needs. By the end of the article, things should make a lot more sense.

Welcome Bonus

Most online casino sites, Titan Casino included, offer an initial sign up bonus to get you started. These are called “deposit bonuses.” The initial bonus can be delivered in a single transfer to your player account or can be broken down into several bonuses – first deposit bonus, second deposit bonus, monthly bonus, etc. – known collectively as your ‘Welcome Bonus package.’

This package is meant to a) encourage you to sign up and b) retain your business. It is a great way to to establish a big bankroll fast.

Deposit bonuses are generally laid out as follows:

  • Example #1 – 100% match up to $200
  • Example #2 – 50% match up to $1,000

In both cases, the casino will match what you deposit and will not pay out more than the ‘up to’ amount.

So, using above Example #1, let’s say you put $50 in your player account when you sign up to the site. The site will also put $50 in your account, giving you a total of $100 to bet with. If you put $1000 in your account, the site would put only $200 in your account – because that is the ‘maximum bonus ‘(i.e. the ‘up to’ amount and the most you can get), giving you a total of $1200 to bet with.

Let’s use the same numbers for above Example #2. You put $50 in your account and the site gives you another $25 (because it matches your deposit by half), giving you a total of $75. This means that in this case, the casino in Example #1 is more profitable for you. However, if you put $1000 in your account, site #2 will match it with $500, giving you a total of $1500 to play with. Here, because you are depositing more, site #2 is more profitable for you.

Thus, it is important to note your objectives when selecting an online casino based on its deposit bonus. Are you a high-roller or a casual bettor? Are you looking to deposit, play and cash out or will you stay for a while? Both of these questions play a role in determining which casino deposit bonus you should choose.

The above comparison showed how important it is do decide how much money you plan to deposit and then compare the deposit match at a few of your favorite sites.

You should also decide in advance whether you are a short-term or long-term player on the site. If the former, you should avoid sites that offer Welcome Bonus packages with small first deposit bonuses followed by bigger monthly bonuses. After all, you won’t play at the site long enough to benefit from the monthly bonuses.

Additionally, heed the wagering requirements if you are a player who does not plan to play at the site for too long. Casinos require you wager anywhere from 20 to 40 times the bonus you receive before cashing out your bonus and initial deposit. We’ll let you do the math on that, but let’s just say that it can get expensive.