Online Roulette

Roulette is a casino game that has been played for over 200 years throughout the world; thought to have been created as a mixture of existing games the earliest records of the modern form of roulette can be found in French literature of the 18th century. Now modern technology allows online roulette to be played by casino members in their own homes through high speed audio and video links. There are another group of options available for Titan Casino members, which include playing virtual versions of the game online within the casino.

Roulette developed as a form of many other gambling games played throughout Europe before the 18th century in England, France and Italy. A French inventor, Blaise Pascal is thought to of invented an early version of roulette when he was attempting to invent a perpetual motion machine in the 17th century. By the end of the 18th century the roulette wheel was being used in the hotels and casinos of France, making the game one of the most popular casino games of all time.

Just like visiting a physical casino, playing roulette online offers players a large number of betting options not limited to guessing which number the ball will land on. If players wish to give themselves better odds of winning online roulette played at Titan Casino they can also bet on a range of numbers the winning number will appear in. For the best odds of winning a player can also place a simple bet on the correct color the winning number will be, either red or black.

Roulette offers many more options than many people imagine, with committed players using this range of betting options to enhance their chances of winning with each spin of the roulette wheel. Online casino’s also offer players the opportunity to play different versions of the game, either in a virtual form or through high speed video links with live dealers. Playing with a live dealer is one of the most popular options with casino members around the world as the dealer follows the directions of the player to place their bet on the correct area of the roulette table. After all bets are placed the dealer spins the wheel and the video zooms in to give a player in their own home the perfect view of the tiny ball spinning on the wheel.

Whichever playing option you choose taking part in online roulette is one of the best decisions a casino member can make. With little experience needed to master the rules of the game the chances of winning can be increased with just a little knowledge of placing bets in one of the oldest casino games still played.